​​Mission Statement  

First  Responders International is a faith-based medical, search & rescue, first response team. We give medical and spiritual first aid in the field after natural disasters in the U.S. and around the globe. We also do short term medical missions to isolated towns & villages, teaching healthier ways of life where otherwise medical help is not easily available. We also do local outreaches to those who need encouragement.








the Camp Fire in Paradise California

November 2018


We had the privilege of standing with so many that were hit by a fire that was deemed one of the most devastating and deadliest in this country's history. Virtually Paradise California was consumed with way too many lives impacted, but as we see every time, God's love brings beauty out of the ashes! We were you able to serve at the Oroville Distribution Center where it was evident that we gave away so much more than food, toiletries, & clothing, we watched hearts be transformed from hopelessness to hope, peace & even joy as they were wrapped up in God's comfort. As we partnered each evacuee  (we called guests) with a personal shopper that could not only help them find the items that they needed but also could hear their stories that their hearts needed to release. Tears and hugs and prayers flowed freely....healing began