Get involved.  An opportunity to touch lives. Bringing Help, Hope, and Love




Your involvement at any level is of great value. We are looking for people with like hearts to go, to pray or to invest in lives that will be greatly encouraged and impacted by your gift of love.

Our desire is to “go when needs arise.” Initially small teams, first responders, spiritual counselors, and  teams to help clean up. For activations that are local (within the United States), we hope to re-build our Ford F250 to have storage and a camper. We would then be able to pull a trailer of tools and supplies to assist with medical needs or clearing debris.  We will be starting up training to prepare responders and creating a storehouse of supplies that will be needed for future activations. Our vision is big, and we know our God will provide as He guides. Thank you for believing in this vision!  ​​


At the top of our list for support is PRAYER!


We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through prayer, finances, and encouragement to pursue our "God dreams."  We know that we cannot do this without your prayers. As you think about us, ask the Lord to guide and direct us with wisdom to develop  what He has on His heart.


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